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Gas cutting Burner repair is very easy, only 3 techniques required

How to repair gas burners お役立ち情報
How to repair gas burners


The gas burner broke and the work stopped.

Have you ever had this experience?

Do I have to buy a new one?

Or do I have to send it in for repair?

If so, this is a must-see.

Repairing a gas burner requires only 3 skills

Isn’t it quite difficult to do?

What do you think?

To repair a gas burner, you only need to know three things!

There is nothing special about repairing a gas burner.


Polishing the valve
Needle valve polishing
Silver brazing Soldering

If you can repair a gas burner

If you can repair a gas burner, repairing a gas gauge is

If you can repair a gas burner, repairing a gas gauge is much less difficult and easy.

If it’s such a difficult technology.

What if repairing a gas burner is

If repairing gas burners is so difficult

If repairing gas burners is so difficult, there is no way I can make a living doing it.

If you are a full-time repairer

A full-time craftsman can do 10 to 15 repairs in a day.

Did you know that a real craftsman earns about $100000 a day?
I have seen many people who worked until they were 85 years old.
Earning money and being able to attract customers .
two different things.
Please recognize that
Also, every technique has its tricks.

When you think your gas cutting burner is broken

When you think your gas cutting burner is broken.
In many cases, you are mistaken.

The gas has stopped flowing.

This is a common case.

There are two reasons why the gas stops flowing.

The first is that the gas nozzle may be clogged with soot or you may have bumped the gas nozzle and the gas is not spraying.
Second, the gas apollo cock is clogged with soot.

These two are by far the most common.

If you feel that your gas banner is faulty?

First, replace the Gas Nozzle and the gas apollo cock.

Grating the valves

It’s not that difficult to match up the valves.

It’s not that difficult.

In the hole of the cutting gas burner body

and adjust by rubbing together with compound.


ガス切断器修理方法 ガストーチ おすすめ【有料級】ガス切断機 ガスバーナーガス漏れ修理 バルブの修理
高圧バルブ ガスバルブ修理の方法 ガストーチを使い終わり バルブを締めたのに まだ火が出ている。 作業前検査でガスバーナーの器頭を 水の張ったバケツに突っ込むと 器頭から気泡がでる。 そんな症状はありませんか? それはガス漏れです。バルブの修理の方法を記載いたしました。バルブの種類の見分け方から覚えた方がわかりやすい


If it is absolutely necessary, I use a lathe.
But for personal use, a lathe is not necessary.

Grating of needle valve

To grind the needle valve

Remove the injector from inside the mixing valve.

Grind it against the new needle valve.

Just use a compound.


ガス切断器修理方法 ガス漏れを直す方法 【有料級】トーチ ガストーチ 混合バルブ 針弁 後で消すかも 一番の肝
ガス切断器 混合バルブ 針弁 整備修理について 投稿を消すこともあります。 消された際はこちらをご覧ください。 修理業者としてガス切断器 一番の肝となる記事でしたが 残念ながら 需要がないので 投稿を制限いたしました。 2022.6.11 ...


ガス切断機 【ガスバーナー】補修用部品 千代田NEO用 酸素バルブ 良く折ってしまう部品です | 藤井商店
ご覧いただきましてありがとうございます。ガスバルブのハンドルを折って困っていませんか?千代田NEO用 酸素バルブ交換用部品です。※ハンドルに合わせるときの注意点ご使用のものに合わないときはハンドル差し込み部分の角をやすりで削って合わせてください交換用ですが、本体のガスの穴の状態によっては。先端の加工が必要があります。【...


silver brazing

Silver brazing is easy because it blends well with brass.

Some people think it’s too difficult.

But it is not that difficult.

Part to be silver brazed

Even stainless steel can be polished roughly.

Silver brazing can be done with a cassette gas burner.

Silver brazing can also be done with a cassette gas burner.

Polish it well.

Apply silver brazing flux

Heat it up to 630~800 degrees Celsius.

silver brazing fill the holes with silver brazing .


銀ろう付け の方法
銀ろう付け の方法 銀ろう付け は 火のあぶり方が重要です。 素材の違いによっても炙り方がちがいます。 銀ろうの強度 強度 銀ろう > はんだ 外観 銀ろう = はんだ 難易度 銀ろう > はんだ 価格 銀ろう(高い) > はんだ(安い 耐...


【たった20分で既決】逆火したガスバーナー 使えない  現場で 銀ろう付け 修理方法
【たった20分で既決】逆火したガスバーナー 解体でガスバーナーを使用していて うっかり火口を母材にくっつけてしまった 火口をスパッタでつまらせて ガスバーナーが逆火で 溶けてしまった、、、 そんな経験はありませんか? ここでは現場で使える ...



Soldering is not that difficult.

It depends on the model of the gas burner.

If the handle is brass, the base of the handle (top and bottom) is soldered on.

Soldering temperature is about 250 degrees.

Just polish it well.

Just pour in the solder and you’re good to go.

Part to be soldered


はんだ付けには塩化亜鉛が一番 優れたフラックス
はんだ付け には塩化亜鉛が一番 ここではガスバーナーによる はんだ付け の事を記載しております はんだ付け には塩化亜鉛が一番効果的です。 ホームセンターのハンダセットに付いているフラックスの中身 塩化亜鉛の溶液が含まれていると思います。 ...


It’s simple.
But all jobs are quick and easy.
But please understand that every job has its own tips and tricks.

Do you think it’s difficult?

What’s so annoying about that?

Because it’s a pain in the ass.

I’m scared.

for that reason

You try to ask a repairman to do it for you.

It’s just that they don’t know how to do it.

Think about how you were able to do gas cutting before.

What happened before you were able to cut the gas?

Before you were able to do gas cutting, what did you do?

At first, you were afraid to light the gas.
To light the gas.
You didn’t know how to gas cut steel.
You must have had a hard time knowing when to burn it.
How are your gas cutting skills now?
You easily ignite the gas and gas-cut the steel frame.

It’s exactly the same.

Once you’ve experienced it.

It’s easy to change from difficult to easy.


People are obsessed with psychological effects.

We hear from our customers that

Gas = dangerous and scary

They say, “Gas is dangerous.


It’s just an imprint.

Make sure there are no accidents with the gas.

It’s just psychologically imprinted on us.

Isn’t that what they teach you in gas training?

Really, if it was something dangerous. If it were truly dangerous, it would be compensated with strict qualifications and preferential pay. compensation.

Not many gas appliances are produced by Japanese manufacturers. gas appliances are not so dangerous. not so dangerous.

Legal inspection of gas burner

Gas appliances and business equipment

gas appliances and commercial equipment must be inspected once every three years after manufacture.

gas appliances and commercial equipment.

You don’t need to have any special qualifications, but it is better if you have a gas handling training course, a chief gas handler, or a gas handling supervisor.

You do not need to have any special qualifications, but it is better if you have gas handling training, a gas handling supervisor, and a gas handling supervisor.

It is recommended that you take a gas handling course.

The structure and repair of gas burners can be found on our blog.

It is possible to repair a gas burner using only those skills.

You’re making money off of such a simple thing!

If you are thinking

Please give it a try.


It’s a niche repair that no one else does.

We receive a living wage.


We don’t charge as much for repairs as we do for general repairs.

We don’t charge much more than general repairs.

Almost all of our techniques are open to the public.
Earning money and being able to attract customers are two different things.
are two different things.
Please recognize that

↓Watch the video↓


銀ろう付け の方法
銀ろう付け の方法 銀ろう付け は 火のあぶり方が重要です。 素材の違いによっても炙り方がちがいます。 銀ろうの強度 強度 銀ろう > はんだ 外観 銀ろう = はんだ 難易度 銀ろう > はんだ 価格 銀ろう(高い) > はんだ(安い 耐...




銀ろう DIYでのかんたんな銀ロウ付け 初心者 オススメ道具編 | 高価買取 電動機械工具 重量機械移設 江戸川区【藤井商店】
DIYでの かんたんな 初心者 銀ロー付け 道具編今まで技術の事に関して述べてきましたが、いきなり家庭で銀ロウ付けと言っても無理がありますね。火を使うのでそれなりの準備が必要です。銀ろう付け銀ロウ付けは初心者でもかんたんにできますが準備が必要です銀ロウ付け前段階 作業場の準備が必要です。ガレージで作業すると仮定しましょ...


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ガスバーナー延長加工 ろう付けの順番
ガスバーナー延長加工 ろう付けの順番 順番が肝心です。 順番通りに作業しないと 製品ができません。 パイプロングの際のろう付けの順番について 分解する順番 ガスバーナーで炙りながら銀ろうを溶かし分解する作業です。 ↓受講されるとパスワードを...


ガスバーナー修理 ガス切断器が壊れた たった3つの技術だけで修理できます
ガスバーナーが壊れて作業が止まってしまった こんな経験はありませんか? また新品を買うのか、、、 修理屋に出さないといけないのか、、、 とお思いの方必見です。 こんにちは始めまして! 江戸川区 有限会社 藤井商店 藤井直樹と申します。 @f...


にほんブログ村 住まいブログ DIYへにほんブログ村


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ガスバーナー用 真鍮パイプ8mm

ガスバーナー専用 (肉厚) 真鍮パイプ8mm 長さ300mm